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Polar Ice Express Delivery Service Review

Attempted to get ice for the cooler as we are traveling for Christmas. Waited 25 mins, paid $2, and no ice. Looking online for contact info for a refund. This is bad business. Ice is on the ground-slightly melted. Would love to have ice but will gladly take my quarters back. 843-276-6095
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Polar Ice Express Delivery Service
Reason of review
Problem with delivery

Polar Ice Express - Bag Review from Edinburg, Texas

Polar Ice Express - Bag Review from Edinburg, Texas
I went to the polar ice expressed in Orangeburg on Chestnut there are no bags I spent $4 no bags and all my ice dropped on the ground I would like a refund please please call me at (803) 662 1318 thank you
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Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised

Polar Ice Express in Columbia, South Carolina - No ice

on feb 23 around 6 am i spent 3 dollars on a polar ice maching on chestnut street in orangeburg sc and got no ice out of the machine the lights were green i press the button and waited for over 15 min in the rain and got no ice. it was my son birthday that i needed the ice for. this is rediculous. whoever owwns that machine has poor maintenance on his or her machine. i dont know about you but in these economic time three bucks is a lot. i know they have me on camera because they have cameras on the machine. i am hoping to hear from someone with a solution
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Polar Ice Express in Rochester, New York - Melted Promises and false claims

I purchased a self-serve ice machine from Polar Ice Express back in September of '07. The owner of the company promised me on his website, that if I was not satisfied for any reason that he would buy back the product. I took him at his word. From the day the ice machine arrived I have had nothing but problems with the machine. The manufacturer, JRS Self Serve Ice LLC, decided they were not going to drive down from Lake City, Florida to fix it. They basically said that it was my problem. Yes, they did assist me by sending me email messages on how to fix it and a few parts in the mail. However they failed to reimburse me on numerous occasions when I had to hire someone (electrician, hvac technician) to service the machine. It has been almost one year and I am still having trouble with the machine. I decided to email Mr. Logan a few days ago (Sept. 19, 2008) to tell him that I wanted my money back. Well, Mr. Logan saw how terrible these machines were and how poorly made they were that he decided to "jump ship". He remove the buy back clause from his website and dissolved his company Polar Ice Express Inc. He then decided to reopen the company under the name Polar Ice Express International (real creative, huh) and told all of us who purchased the old machine that he was so sorry but he had to closed the doors on that company and there was no more money. Well, if you go to the website, you can see where Mr. Logan is still selling ice machines but he found a different manufacturer to make his new machine. Meanwhile the individuals who purchased his old machines are left hanging dry. At this time I am out of about $90,000 (cost of the machine) plus the money I have spent keeping the machine running and the money I spent starting the company. The manufacturer of the old machine, JRS Self Serve Ice LLC, is now making machines for a company called Now, I have not had any trouble with the owners of, but I would not by one of their machines. If you do then you will witness first-hand the heartache that many of us who trusted JRS Self Serve Ice LLC and Polar Ice Express have felt. There are several good companies on the market who make a fine ice machine. They are also honest businessmen. There is nothing wrong with the ice business. I have enjoyed meeting my customers and making money. I just wished that I would have not trusted the owners of Self Serve Ice LLC and Polar Ice Express (Raymond Logan) before I decided to get involved with this industry. Do yourself a favor and research these companies before you purchase a machine. If they tell you that they do not have any references then there is a reason why. You will talk to people like me. I don't necessarily think that these guys are bad people and I don't think they necessarily pulled a scam. I just think that they are very bad businessmen and should not be in the ice business. The manufacturer should not be making ice machines that are poor in quality. The owner of Polar Ice Express should not have been greedy. He has the money to pay all of us back. I gave him an opportunity to make it right and he chose not to. I feel it is up to me to inform the consumer so that he or she will not waste their money and time associated themselves with either company. Good luck!
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We bought two machines from Bag of Ice ( after researching all the other companies after our first experience with them was great. Just do your homework: look at the materials being used (some are made in part or whole in China and are ***) and talk to the people at the company.

BOI didn't try to "upsell" us on a bigger machine than we needed - but we can expand them if we decide we need the capacity; the parts were top-notch; the price was near or lower than others; we customized it; and it had a smaller footprint. We're really happy.

Just do LOTS of research!


Looking for input on Ice House America unit owners to discuss results and secure references.


i've heard icehouseamerica is great too. any heard of any reviews


I'm a Kooler Ice customer.

If you really want to know what you are dealing with, VISIT THE FACILITY... REPEAT...

VISIT THE MANUFACTURING FACILITY and meet the people and see the insides of the machines and talk to their customers who have been in the business a long time.

Here's a good indicator: If your company rep does not try hard to get you to come see their manufacturing plant, there is probably a VERY good reason why. I ruled one manufacturer out in my mind when I drove up before I even stepped foot in the facility.

They were cheaper and it was very apparent why.

If you are about to spend 30-150K on a machine, doesn't it make good sense to pay the plant a visit rather than go off pretty websites that can make anything look good? Blows my mind that people don't do their homework and then get ticked off that they are stuck with a lemon.


I own 4 Ice House America machines and they have exceeded my expectaions in many areas including reliability.


You have to stick with Ice House America for quality machines that are backed by a real warranty.

For more information go to:

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